Maikel Nabil, 25, Egyptian blogger was arrested on 28 March at his home in Cairo, tried in a military court on 10 April and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment over comments he made on Facebook, and for allegedly spreading lies and rumours about the armed forces on his blog. On it, he criticizes the military’s use of force against peaceful protesters in Tahrir Square, and describes how he was detained and tortured by the Egyptian military in February.

He started his hunger strike 35 days ago. Doctors said that people on hunger strike don’t survive more than 40 days.
(Amnesty Internetional)

Free Maikel Nabil! End this military dictatorship! End military trials of civilians! FREEDOM FOR EGYPT AND EGYPTIANS! Did we make a revolution or was it a joke?! Maikel is in prison for merely expressing his opinion, in EGYPT, after a revolution that took place to overthrow a dictatorship! Now what? Another dictatorship?  WHAT A FREAKING SHAME!