Freedom Mask brought to you by SCAFFreedom Mask Poster- designed by Ganzeer [ aka Mohamed Fahmy- one of the arrested activists]

Activists Aida ElKashef, Mohamed Fahmy & AbdelRahman Amin were arrested earlier today from downtown Cairo for distributing the above poster and for mobilizing for tomorrow’s mass protests/2nd revolution against military rule.
The poster says:
Greetings from The Supreme Council Of The Armed Forces to dear Egyptians
Now available- for unlimited time”.
The poster is expressing the oppression and suppression that is still going on in Egypt after the January 25th revolution, after Egypt was officially declared a military dictatorship in the constitutional declaration. Military prosecution of civilians continue, violations of freedom of expression continue and freedom of assembly, along with many other concern.
Another activist from 6 April movement, Ebrahim Abed,  was arrested at 2 am today in Nasr city for distributing flyers about tomorrow.
All activists are currently detained in military prosecution facilities, one in Heliopolis and the other in Nasr city. Excuse my ignorance if I don’t know exactly the difference between the two places. BUT CIVILIANS SHOULDN’T BE AWARE ANYWAY OF MILITARY PROSECUTION OFFICES AND PROCEDURE.
Civilians should be brought before civil courts. Yet there are estimate numbers of 10,000 civilians were prosecuted in military courts since the revolution erupted.
It is sad that those activists who were exposing SCAF violations and opposing military trials of civilians are now subject to a military trial at any moment.
This brings us back to the atmosphere on the eve of January 25th. The same wave of arrests and harassment and cheap propaganda against the revolution. It is happening now again and again, or did it EVER really stop?
We got rid of a dictator to get another. What a tragedy. SCAF are really wearing a mask. A mask that they call ” The Army and The People Are One”, which nobody believes but them- oh, and few ne0-intellectuals who play the role of the wise smart asses and advocate for SCAF love among the people, advocate for the beauty of MILITARY RULE.
UPDATE: 7:00 pm
Activists Aida ElKashef, Mohamed Fahmy & AbdelRahman Amin were just released.
On the other hand another activist: Mohsen Al Ayat, a member in 6 April youth movement was arrested in Manasoura for distributing fliers and was kept in detention for hours then was also released.
Ebrahim Abed from 6April movement is still detained for the same reason. He is reported to be in C28 military prosecution, Nasr City.
UPDATE: 11:30 pm
Ebrahim Abed was also released, after being humiliated and interrogated without a lawyer.
Let’s hope tomorrow there won’t be any arrests!