As I watched the few hundreds of Egyptians roaming streets of Cairo protesting against Osama Bin Laden’s murder, I felt really sorry For them and wondered what kind of evil ideology that took over their brains and made them see evil as good, bloody murderers as martyrs.

Protesters against OBL murder march to US embassy in Cairo
Protesters against OBL murder march to US embassy in Cairo

The DailyNewsEgypt interviewed some of the protesters. Their take on it assumes that it was purely a Salafi march.  From what I watched on TV, there was quite a mix of protesters. At least I could recognize few men who weren’t long bearded or wearing the unique “Salafi custom”: slightly short pants and knee length galabeyas or slightly short pants- assuming that all  Salafis commit to their way of dressing.

Last Friday in Tahrir, I read a tweet that some protesters were carrying Bin Laden’s photos. Please note that it was the “National Unity Friday” as a reaction to the sectarian violence that erupted in Imbaba and resulted in the death of 10 and injury of many. Holding Bin Laden’s photos seem to be totally irrelevant. I am sure they were few, yet we can’t totally ignore that this mindset is there and it has a popular support to some extent.

Many people were actually angry at the way he was killed, and how his body was thrown to the sea, which they say, is against Islamic traditions.

Actually I was pissed off as well, but not for the same reasons.  I don’t have the least grievance for Bin Laden. But at the same time He was killed without a fair trial. He would have probably been convicted and sentenced to death penalty. [Note: I am against death penalty].  But he would have been brought to justice not to a barbaric form of state terrorism that is no different from Al Qaeda terrorism.

Justice indicates that we still live in a human world, that there are justice values that everyone respect and recognize.

The U.S.  violated the sovereignty of Pakistan and conducted a military operation inside its territory without Pakistan’s permission or even knowledge. After the operation we read the news about how Cameron and US officials want to question Pakistan about their failure in finding out where Osama Bin laden was,  especially that his location was very close to a Pakistani military facility.  So it is not enough that they invaded another country, but also want to question its officials about their inability to provide assistance to the U.S. What kind of absurdity is this? More and more absurd is the official Pakistan response to this! They didn’t issue one statement condemning violating their sovereignty! I remember reading a statement to a Pakistani official that said that his country knew about the operation 15 minutes after it started! REALLY!!! It must have been out of U.S. courtesy.

Americans reacted to Osama Bin Laden’s murder by great celebrations all over the country, especially in Ground Zero in NYC.  On Twitter, in few hours Bin Laden was a trending topic and guess who else? Saddam Hussien. Actually top tweet included both names with check marks beside each of them! Saddam Hussien: [Check]. Ossama Bin Laden: [Check]. As if to say: mission accomplished, who is next? I say Gaddafi is a very good candidate.

The public consciousness of a a whole nation is built on revenge. I am not saying that the Americans are the only people of the world who react in such manner. Many nations do the same barbaric reactions including Arabs. It is just that it strikes my to see the people who are feeling a moral obligation to “democratize” the world to react in such a savage inconsiderate way and celebrate the DEATH of someone, even if he was a criminal, without fair trial,  who was executed in a whole Mafia, street-fight kind of justice.

The Americans are not democratizing the world or making a safer place. Anger against their policies was so long deeply rooted in the Arab conscious,, maybe in a religious kind of way. Being the crusaders as G.W. Bush himself stated in one of his eloquent speeches. [ although Arabs are not only Muslims by the way!!]. But most importantly, because they are making themselves as the enemy. The proud, conceited, rude, power-drunk enemy who won’t hesitate to kill, exploit and suck the blood of whoever just to remain powerful.

UPDATE: ICC issued an arrest warrant on May 17th against Gaddafi and his son for Crimes Against Humanity. So now international criminal justice seeks him and his son. Maybe that removes him of the list of the American justice. Or maybe NOT?!