This is Waleed from Sharqeya governorate in Nile delta. On Jan28th on his way to demonstration and after Friday prayer, he was attacked by police and his right eye got badly injured by a bomb fragment. A doctor in Sharqiya told him it is a chemical material remnant and that it is active and that he needs an operation as soon as possible. He went to Qasr El Einy hospital in Cairo ( the most famous governmental hospital), but doctors there refused to give him a medical report about the diagnosis or the cause of it and told him to come back after ” things calm down” !! Waleed said they have “direct or indirect” orders not give any medical reports to victims of demonstrations.

Waleed, Chemical engineer, eye damaged by a bomb fragment

I met him in Tahrir square as you see in the video lying down on the Egyptian flag holding a sign that says ” He lived as a tyrant and left as a serial killer”, referring to Mubarak. The past tense indicates being absolutely certain that Mubarak is leaving.  At the end he told me That since then he is in Tahrir square, and he won’t leave until Mubarak leaves or he, Waleed, dies.

Waleed can’t go and perform the operation in a private hospital because he can’t afford it.