Angry protesters storm Tahrir square today chanting against the government

Around 3 PM today, Feb 7th, the 14th day of the revolution, I found huge group of protesters chanting  angrily “Where are the apartments?” as they were moving fast to Tahrir square. When I approached some of them to know their story, they told me they were just back from Cairo government headquarter, where they tried to register for the apartments announced by the government in Egyptian newspapers.
After the January 25th revolution erupted, and as the protests and marches continued all over Egypt and in Tahrir square, the newly formed government tried to improve its image in front of the Egyptian people, and many ministers made statements about providing job opportunities and apartments for youth.
Apparently some believed the promises and announcements but all the promises turned out to be only words, actually more of a fraud. I don’t know what kind of a governmental body that forges official documents?!! What did they leave for criminals? Oh wait. I don’t think there is any difference anymore. After killing peaceful protesters, you can expect anything from this regime!
The most remarkable thing is that they headed straight-ahead to Tahrir square after they discovered the fraud. Tahrir square became the ultimate destination for people who suffered from this regime and its thugs.   Long Live the Egyptian Revolution!