I feel so empty.

But wait a minute! Why should people feel “full” all the time? And I mean by full the opposite of “empty”, the very first sentence in this post. I think it is healthy to go blank and empty sometimes.

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well, empty brains make no noise too!

When you focus on so many things , you eventually forget a lot of details; get lost in the details; or maybe spend much time looking into the details and the outcome is nothing compared to the mental effort exerted. The outcome can be “0” most of the time. Being “deep” is not a blessing all the time. Maybe , it is not a blessing at all.

But it is also fair to mention that “Deep” is a funny word! I will always remember it with two incidents;

The first is that old friend, or colleague let’s say. the thing is I never had the chance to know him well. we were colleagues in a students activity , he was my supervisor. I was kind of demotivated or lazy through out the year, but by the end of it and at the final activity event , I got back to normal me, which is basically, a last minute person and a perfectionist. It turned out that he was totally shocked of my performance. In a last evaluation meeting he told me , “Maha , you are deep”. That’s it. I didn’t ask him why, although there was a chance to. I didn’t ask him to clarify more. I just smiled , and put one of those facial impressions of people who know it all . It was kind of stupid, because by then there was a terrible questioning going on in my head. Of course now the answer is pretty clear to me but this is not our point now .

Yousra El Louzy, Egyptian Actress

The second is , that short movie I watched in a graduation festival for the cinema institute students 2007. I don’t remember its title , but I guess it has something to do with depth , like “Fel Omq”or “In Depth”.. I remember the actress very well though , she was Yousra El Louzy. She was a young artist who just had her first exhibition/ gallery. The critics actually commented that her paintings lack a sense of depth, and that she is kind of superficial. The movie is funny and raises the question of what “deep” is . It ends up with her drunk apparently ,cutting one of her paintings with her finger , examining how “deep” it is !


HAHA! I know! But you were warned at the very beginning of the post. :)

*The Bubbles picture is from http://helloji.wordpress.com