And maybe someday we will meet
And maybe talk and not just speak
Don’t buy the promises ’cause
There are no promises I keep,
And my reflection troubles me
So here I go..”

I don’t know why I keep listening to this song over and over again .. especially the above part.
So many mixed feelings, most clearly the feeling of being trapped. However, it is not really associated to any specific incident. I even woke up happy this morning! Nevertheless, It feels so real, so deep in a way that tortures the soul till it believes that something awful really happened!

The whole thing reminds me with Al Massir ( Le destin ) movie by the great Youssif Chahine.

Le Destin Movie poster

The movie pictured how radical Islamic groups brain-washed youth. They made them run and run in the desert for days, with no food or water. Simply they made them exhausted to the limit they won’t fight anymore  and won’t think about what they are told.

Same technique here, more sophisticated maybe. Whatever :)